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Charting the Invisible is an exploration of the forces that surround us, but are hidden from our eyes. By mapping the magnetic flux in the atrium of the Digital Arts Research Center at UC Santa Cruz, the work reveals the nature of this complex force through a series of visualizations in an infographic form.

Created using ArcGIS, ArcScene, Illustrator and Photoshop
This puzzle was inspired by Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map Projection, where the surface of the planet is projected onto an icosahedron, and planetary biomes on the puzzle blocks are represented with wool felt. This puzzle forces the player to think spatially, and challenges how we typically perceive the planet.

​Laser cut felt and masonite board
24" by 36"
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This public sculpture was installed for UCSC's 2013 Spring Open Studios. The work was created over the course of the quarter along with members of the Collective Water Collective Research Group, and all bamboo was harvested locally by members of the collective. The sculpture was meant to highlight the need for rainwater harvesting in Santa Cruz, and also served a functional purpose in bringing life and activity to a forgotten and barren section of campus. The moving elements, interactive water pump, and aquatic life was a source of intrigue for all passers by.

​Bamboo, Twine, Mosquito Fish, Plants, Terracotta, and Other Materials.
I created this sculpture in response to a call for art entitled, 'Crossing Borders' - which asked respondents to investigate the geographical, political, social and metaphorical constraints that divide us. The work addresses the divided island nation of Cyprus, where north and south are transected by a 112-mile UN administered buffer zone. While a line has been drawn between both sides, they share a common geography, as well as an ecological milieu that by nature is apolitical. While the work displays the two nations as if they are being torn apart, the common materials of sand and moss are meant to bind them together.

Wood, Terracotta, Sand, Moss, and Metal Frame
This work was created for a week-long gallery show at the ZERO1 Garage in Downtown San Jose. Along with posters and video, the work is a response to the current political debate in Santa Cruz over building a desalination facility to produce drinking water for the community. To bring attention to the political issues at hand, the card game pits each player against each other as either a community activist opposing the plan, or the public utility advocating for it. All actions in the game resemble political strategies used both sides, with the end goal to win public favor before a final election.
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Aquapuncture was installed for the 2014 Digital Arts and New Media MFA show. The installation consisted of an interactive touchscreen, a video, and a series of photographs. The work addressed the harsh realities of local water scarcity, and made suggestions for how small-scale interventions can relieve stress in the natural environment and lead to a sustainable water future. Participants were encouraged to explore the places I had visited and documented in Santa Cruz County, and discover how we might balance the needs of our ecosystem, and honor water as a vital life-sustaining nutrient.