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Welcome to Graffiti Chileno!

Living in Santiago, Chile in 2007, I became enamored with documenting the street art across the country. For a variety of reasons, Chile may have some of the best examples of street art and graffiti in the world. While the reasons for this are varied, you could point to two major events as its cause. One, the Pinochet dictatorship that lasted from 1973 - 1990 caused a rebellion among the youth of the country and graffiti was often used as a means to voice their displeasure with the regime. Secondly, Chile, like other Latin American countries, has adopted many aspects of popular American culture, including Hip Hop. American Hip Hop culture really took off in Chile during the 80's, traveling south in the form of music, images, and videos. To add to this perfect storm, Santiago, like many Latin American cities, is a city of walls and fences. While the necessity of having imposing walls in a country like Chile is understandable, it does not create a visually appealing urban aesthetic. Paradoxically, these walls create a great canvas and inspiration for urban artwork and expression. Despised by some, admired by others, the works make an impact that truly affects the character of Chile's cities.

These photos and many more are in a self published book.