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Interactive Hiking map of Inwood Hill Park in northern Manhattan (Adobe Flash Player required).

Drag and drop the hiker icons to locations on the map and hit the 'get hike info' button for details about the hike.

Trails and other features were field-verified using Trimble Outdoors for Android, terrain surface was created using Spatial Analyst for ArcGIS, base map was created in Photoshop, and final project was constructed in Flash.
Interactive Campus Map of Brooklyn College located in Flatbush, Brookyln.

Base map was created in Photoshop and final was created in Flash. Pictures and descriptive information borrowed from Brooklyn College website.
The CoSMoS Data Viewer (now called HERA) is a joint project between USGS's Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center and the Western Geographic Science Center. Our team at WGSC used GIS analysis to determine the socio-economic impact of modeled rising seas and storms, and published these results in an interactive web service complete with maps, charts, and tables. Live site can be found here:

Created using modern web technologies. Data visualization facilitated using the JavaScript library Data Driven Documents (D3.js).
Screen shots from the development of the Hazard Exposure Reporting and Analytics (HERA) project. live version is now online at:
HERA Poster for the ESRI Conference in San Diego
Dashboard Visualizing Pedestrian Evacuation in the Event of a Tsunami on O'ahu, Hawaii

GIS analysis conducted in ArcGIS and data migrated to Tableau for Desktop. Interactive dashboard created in Tableau for Desktop.

Note, analysis is still a work in progress, and a live link will be provided once the study has been published an released.